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Top 3 Exercises to Boost Cardiovascular Health

Exercise is more than just great for building muscles and clearing your mind, it is a way to take care of your cardiovascular health as well. Especially for those at high risk for heart disease, regular exercise and a healthy diet can be the difference between life and death. We know that aerobics, strength training, and stretching can all help with heart health, but what specific exercises can you do to strengthen your heart? In this brief article, Tampa heart doctor Jesal V. Popat, M.D., FACC shares three specific exercises you can incorporate into your routine to give your cardiovascular health a boost. 


Remember: there is no “magic bullet” to get your heart healthy immediately. All of these exercises will take time to see effects which is why you should start with a routine as soon as you can. 

Walking or Running


Walking or running has a myriad of benefits, from boosting your mood to helping you connect to the world around you. In relation to your heart, walking and running is an aerobic exercise that can lower your blood pressure (which leads to the mood boost we talked about), strengthen your heart muscle, and help you lower your cholesterol. You will find the most benefit from doing this for at least 30 minutes at a time, 1-4 times a week (or more). 



Even if you are not a great dancer, dancing still has several benefits. Many of these are similar to running or walking -- you get a major mood boost when you let loose and move your body, and your heart muscle becomes stronger as well. Dancing can also help you develop lean muscles,incorporates stretching, and in some ways, involves interval training as well as you will be following the beat of the music to speed up and slow down. Just like any aerobics, this should be done for about 30 minutes at a time or longer, multiple days a week. 



Swimming, like dancing, packs a punch. It combines the strength training that helps your heart health while also giving your heart that aerobic workout it craves. All while helping you stretch your muscles. Swimming has also been proven to help with diabetes and help control your blood glucose -- all while providing a way to get your exercise with minimal impact to your joints. If there is any one exercise that can help people of any age start getting on track to heart health, it is swimming. There are water aerobics classes as well as swimming laps and other exercises you can do in a pool to help your heart. 


If you are looking for more ways to get heart healthy, Tampa cardiac specialists like Dr. Popat can help. Contact Dr. Popat to schedule an appointment today. 


To consult Jesal V. Popat, M.D., FACC, and Tampa cardiac specialists, please call (813) 344-0934 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment. 


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