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What to bring

get the most out of your appointment


Type or write a list of all current medications and dosages including any over the counter supplements or herbal remedies. Mark any cardiac medications needing refills sent to your pharmacy. You may bring the bottles or containers with you to your first appointment.

Medical History

Request the most recent notes, labs and imaging reports from your primary care physician or referring physician. If available obtain prior echocardiogram, stress tests, and/or catheterization images on CD/DVD for review.

Insurance Information

Bring copies of your most recent drivers license, insurance and/or medicare card, if you have one.  Written authorization of referral from your HMO or PPO, if your are covered by one of these organizations.

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Log

A blood pressure and heart rate log will help your provider make adjustments to your medications. Measure your pressure twice a day for the weeks leading up to your appointment. There are several good apps on iPhone or Android devices you can use, otherwise Click Here to download a paper log sheet.

Journal of Your Symptoms

If your visit is related to a new concern, you should be keeping a journal that documents your discomfort and how it has affected your daily life in the days or weeks since it began. If your appointment is focused on a chronic condition, your doctor may ask you to keep track of your response to new at-home treatments.

Health Care Team Contact Information

Great communication with your medical team is vital to your health plan. Bring your physician and pharmacist's name, address, and telephone/fax number. Most prescriptions and physician notes are sent electronically from our clinic.  

Friend or Family Member

Having someone with you can provide moral support. But it's also a valuable means of ensuring that your doctor addresses your most important concerns. A friend or relative may also take notes so they can help you follow through on the next necessary steps after an appointment.

Advanced Directive

A copy of your living will or other advance directive form for your doctor to review. It will be placed in your medical record. If you don't have one yet, please consider creating an advance directive to ensure your wishes are communicated now and going forward. Click Here to download one.

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