Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Undergoing Coronary Angioplasty

Undergoing coronary angioplasty is a necessary and understandably frightening prospect for many Americans. In fact, about 600,000 Americans undergo angioplasty each year to open clogged arteries, so you’re not alone in your fight against heart disease. Throughout this article, we’ll discuss what can be expected during angioplasty and why you shouldn’t be afraid of undergoing this common procedure. Most importantly, we’ll reiterate that you’re not alone in facing this challenge. For one of the top Tampa Bay cardiac specialists who will champion your health before, during, and after angioplasty, consult Jesal V. Popat, M.D., FACC.

For Those Considering Angioplasty 

While angioplasty isn’t for everyone, it may be the best treatment option for anyone suffering from atherosclerosis, a disease marked by a buildup of fatty material on the inner walls of arteries. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already received a diagnosis of atherosclerosis (If not, we implore you to schedule a consultation with Tampa cardiac specialists if you are experiencing any symptoms of heart disease, especially chest pain). Angioplasty may be a preferred treatment option if your atherosclerosis is unresponsive to medications or lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise. 

Leading Up to the Procedure 

If you and your heart doctor elect to move forward with angioplasty, your doctor should give you a clear idea of what to expect. For example, Dr. Popat always takes the time to walk patients through the procedure and reassure them of the outcome. He may advise patients to adjust their medications or eating habits to ensure that the procedure is a complete success. And he assures patients that angioplasty is a less invasive procedure than coronary artery bypass surgery. 

During the Procedure 

Unlike bypass surgery, angioplasty is not open-heart surgery. Using a catheter, a thin metal tube, Tampa Bay cardiac specialists can access the heart through the groin or wrist — the wrist being the preferred approach by Dr. Popat. A stent on the end of the catheter is then carefully placed in the blocked artery and expanded to allow for restore blood flow. This stent stays in the artery — it’s yours now — ensuring that the artery functions normally. 

Following the Procedure

Unless the surgery was elected due to an emergency, you will be staying in the hospital overnight, discharged the next day, and free to resume work and everyday activities the following week. Remember, you are not alone in your fight against heart disease, and you certainly won’t be left without resources after your procedure. Patients under Dr. Popat’s care are given instructions to contact him with concerns and are prescribed medications to prevent complications as a result of surgery. Under his experienced care, patients have very little to fear. 


Angioplasty is only the first step towards a healthy life for people suffering from heart disease. Dr. Popat can work with you following your surgery to ensure that you are set up on a path of health and wellness. For one of the best Tampa cardiac specialists who will walk you through the procedure and discuss whether or not it’s right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Popat. 

To consult Jesal V. Popat, M.D., FACC, a one of the top Tampa Bay cardiac specialists, please call (813) 344-0934 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.


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